BeeVirtua serves business processes in publishing

By July 19, 2017Non classé

Following up on BEEBUZZINESS‘s meeting with Société Générale at Techweek 2 weeks ago, BEEBUZZINESS  presented its BEEVIRTUA CPOS solution yesterday to Société Générale‘s Publishing service.

The presentation took place at the showroom of Samsung, our partner in digital signage displays. AGG Print was also there representing Print On Demand (POD), as was Orange Cloud for Business, who represented the sovereign cloud hosting data and micro-services.

On the agenda, an introduction to our “native cloud” solution in SAAS mode:

  • Digitalizing media content
  • Administrating the SMART LIBRARY
  • Rematerializing documents with Print On Demand (POD)
  • Distributing on fixed and mobile networks
  • Unveiling the new Reading mode for mobile

The audience lauded the presentation for demonstrating what the BEEVIRUTUA CPOS solution can bring to the value chain of service business processes that handle publications and are increasingly faced with the issue of finding the perfect blend of print and digital. Our solution meets every single need for administrating, securing, synchronizing content and making it available anytime, anywhere on any device, whether desktop or mobile.