By March 24, 2017Non classé

BEEBUZZINESS was a resounding success at CeBIT, an international digital market trade fair in Hanover, where we took part at one of our major partner, KONICA MINOLTA‘s Innovation stand.

At the trade fair, we presented our virtual brochure rack, a multichannel, simple, and intuitive concept that, like the entire range of solutions around our cloud eco-publishing operating system, the BEEVIRTUA CPOS©, is designed to respond to the digitalisation of corporate communication.

Smart Signage is a packaged offering for digital signage that caters to the needs of any company that wants to display brochures and media in its retail space, reception area, at events, etc.

With Smart Signage, they can distribute, share, and print their brochures and collect proprietary customer data.

What gives it its edge? It’s powered by an advanced 360° content publishing and distribution technology that doesn’t require apps, uses both push and pull technology, and functions on any screen. It boosts companies’ ROI by reducing printing and its related logistic needs by close to 90%, and it presents the latest versions of documents to boot.

The CeBIT visitors fully grasped the value of reconciling print and digital, instead of pitting them against one another.

The proof? Look at the image taken with KONICA MINOLTA’s radar showing how people are spread out throughout the room using colour codes. Notice the hot, red area? That’s us.

The brochure rack was a unique feature at the stand of KONICA MINOLTA, one of the world leaders in print and related services, who at CeBIT explored the various applications that are spearheading the digital work place of the future!