Introducing the new generation of SMART LIBRARY

By October 10, 2017Non classé
Migration des library SPIE et ENGIE

The new generation of SMART LIBRARY, spearheading large companies’ and organizations’ digital transformation

Our new generation of the Full HTML5  virtual library, SMART LIBRARY©, is a real governance tool, centralizing all documents and media into a single place. To meet the demands of big, global groups, it places documents and media at the center of uses. With SMART LIBRARY©, our clients can preserve their data’s sovereignty and stay one step ahead in their eco-publishing, multichannel distribution, security and cost management strategies.

Migrating ENGIE and SPIE’s virtual libraries

We have successfully migrated the libraries of our main, existing clients with the launch of ENGIE and SPIE’s SMART LIBRARY. These virtual libraries enjoy the benefits of BEEVIRTUA CPOS©, our new interoperable and modular platform. It was designed to extend uses to all distribution types, both internal and external, treat millions of contents, offer a fluid, multi-terminal user experience, and connect to all types of data streams (API, CRM, etc.).

This (r)evolution is, first and foremost, the result of several years of collaborations that have been built on trust and the desire to innovate together.

Learn more about the ENGIE library:

Learn more about the SPIE library: