The customized document is transforming the way we use documents

By July 26, 2017Non classé

In the age of proliferating information, discerning readers wants to focus on their interests.

With our innovative solution SMART DOCUMENT, document personalization becomes a reality. The reader builds the document by selecting chapters, sections and articles that interest them. The personalized document is put together instantly, with fully dynamic page numbers and table of contents.

Your readers can share their customized versions with as many people as they want, without creating copies of the original document. They can also get it printed on demand and have a professionally printed copy delivered to them in less than 48 hours.

With SMART DOCUMENT, you breathe new life into the reading experience, strengthen your eco-publishing policies and save significantly on printing costs.


Watch the video to learn about the customized SME report from the Observatoire des PME – Bpifrance Le Lab



Try the personalization experience for yourself by going to the SME Report Au fil de l’eau