Article Mode: BEEVIRTUA SMART DOCUMENT lets digital reading be easy and adapted to all

By January 5, 2018Non classé
Mode Article

Turn into profit the new Article Mode, hyper-responsive and smart, for a reading experience easy and adapted to your documents.


More than 70% of the customer experiences start with a mobile device !

The new Article Mode of BEEVIRTUA SMART DOCUMENT, automated, powerful and cost-effective on large scale, offers to each user a unique personalization and reading comfort experience on smartphones and tablets, but also on desktops, so that digital document reading is easy and enjoyable.


With our Article Mode, allow your reader to personalize several parameters in order to ease your document’s reading experience, like the font size, the background color adapted to its environment or the screen space allocated to the text, but also the reading time management or the ease to jump from one article to another whatever its location in the document.


Mobility, performance, automation, personalization and ease of use are the key words of our new Article Mode.


Discover the Article Mode in this video.


Mode Article