Ecosystem at the heart of companies’ digital transformation

BEEVIRTUA© CPOS (Cloud eco-Publishing Operating System) gathers all the functions necessary for the management and distribution of content. This OS puts the document at the center of a global eco- system , generating value and ROI for its users and gives them a head start in their digital transformation:

. Ecofriendly and transmedia. It brings together the strengths of digital technology and rematerialization / printing on demand.
. Hybrid. It offers indispensable bridges with the physical world by being capable of rematerializing all objects and content that it is given on demand.
. Universal. It is natively compatible with all devices and all channels without the need to download applications.
. Enduring. It creates unique, reusable Internet of Things that can be leveraged in diverse contexts.

Discover below the products and services from our technology.


Heighten the reading experience

BEEVIRTUA offers you a reading experience that is unrivalled in its fluidity, thanks to its very high image definition, powerful zoom and ultra fast page turning. By offering unique enrichments, from 4K videos to HTML5 animations, we help readers assimilate your content and significantly increase reading rates.

Transform your documents into smart and usable data

The BEEVIRTUA engine transforms your document’s static contents into dynamic and independent objects, making them a real source for creating value. Your contents are then analysed, shared, modified, augmented or reissued without limitations or additional cost.

Respond to all purposes, in all contexts

The BEEVIRTUA technology is natively multichannel, so your documents adapt to all screens and all devices without having to download apps. They can be distributed in all languages and are accessible for everyone.

Adapt to your readers’ needs

Thanks to the MyDOC function, the BEEVIRTUA technology lets you create highly personalized documents that targetyour readers’ areas of interest. The very structure of your publications can be remodeled in real time to adapt to your users’ real needs

S’adapter aux besoins de vos utilisateurs

Grâce à la foncton MyDOC©, la technologie BEEVIRTUA© permet de créer des documents fortement personnalisés qui ciblent les centres d’intérêt de vos lecteurs. La structure même de vos publications peut se remodeler en temps réel pour s’adapter au besoin réel de vos utilisateurs.


Establish a single publishing and distribution point for your documents

With BEEVIRTUA Library you get a single publishing and distribution point for your documents and their uses, from print to web. This single, universal source ensures that you always have the latest version of the document and reduces the complexity and redundancy of electronic document management.

Opt for a private, green and secure cloud

All our libraries are hosted on a private Tier 3+ certified cloud. Our Data Centers are designed to offer you complete scalability with a very high level of security and restrained impact on the environment.

Optimize your documentation management

The BEEVIRTUA Library administrative interface is intuitive and adaptable. You can eciently and intelligently organize the entire process, from managing authorizations to creating tree views. You control your content and its distribution dynamically, on all continents.

Guarantee proprietary data and statistics

BEEVIRTUA Library combines, generates, analyses and uses data from your content. Thanks to its internal statistics engine, you stay in control of the analysis and use of all your documents while preserving all your data


Administrate all your screens and content from a single source

BEEVIRTUA Smart Signage reveals the full value of your publications, distinctively showcasing its content on any screen. The ability to manage multiple screens instantaneously, intuitively and remotely supports your distribution strategies and ramps up the power of your communication.

Create value, from personal device to in-store technology

Our solution guarantees the longevity and personalization of information on all devices throughout the client’s journey. You strengthen your presence and bring value anytime, anywhere and on any device. User-friendly with an intuitive ergonomy and innovative design, BEEVIRTUA Smart Signage is rooted in the day-to-day of your teams and clients.

Adapt to all audiences and contexts

Your documents are centralized within various collections in your library. They respond to the users’ demands by becoming viewable on all devices without the need to download applications and natively adapng to all screen types. Product data, multimedia, brochures: there is a dedicated view that corresponds to each function and purpose.

Save throughout the distribution chain

Eliminate the costs of catering to all your channels – BEEVIRTUA Smart Signage addresses all of them from a single source. From the point of sale to all your networks, you securely and transparently gain control over your budget and distribution.

Offer true convergence between the physical & digital

Since Print and Digital complement one another instead of being opposed, you promote your information’s longevity and homothetic reproduction on all channels. NFC tag, QR code, eBeacon, sharing function, local printing and unit printing on demand: BEEVIRTUA Smart Signage offers all the links you need to bring the physical and digital worlds together.


Ensure your return on investment

The unit Print On Demand technology extends a document’s lifecycle and generates significant savings on its total cost of ownership. You control and lower your publications’ printing and distribution costs over the long-term

Print closest to need and demand

With unit print on demand, you only print what you need so you can do away with inventory storage and the destruction of out-of-date copies. Through our worldwide POD Centers, documents are rematerialized closest to the location where the order was placed, lowering the carbon footprint as much as possible.

Take advantage of a global network of certified printers

All our printers have the following eco-sustainability labels and certifications: ISO 14001, PEFC and FSC. Your documents are printed exclusively on recycled paper or paper made from sustainable forests.

Guarantee professional quality

All our printing centers are equipped with the latest generation of digital presses in order to meet the most stringent demands. The quality of your documents’ reproduction is therefore guaranteed in all four corners of the globe.