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BEEVIRTUA CPOS (Cloud eco-Publishing Operating system) is the only software ecosystem in the world capable of bringing an all-in-one publishing solution to its users.

It allows multifunction printer users to instantly dematerialize any type of document with a single click from a work station, a USB key or a scanner.

The documents can be enriched and are automatically available in a dedicated library, which is the single, universal source that serves all channels in the market on a single budget.

Thanks to our network of certified printers, the documents can be printed on demand by unit, which generates considerable savings throughout the entire publishing chain and allows you to adopt an ecofriendly approach.

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In the midst of the digital transformation of companies, our virtual library meets the new needs and functions of content exposure. It reveals the full value of your information in the digital era.

Our solutions serve personalized communication, addressing all channels from a unique source on a single budget.

With remote screen control in multiple contexts, you can display the data contained in your documents in different ways and for different uses: from virtual brochure rack to displaying promotions from your catalogues.

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BEEVIRTUA© SMART RETAIL allows you to create and enrich personalized and augmented digital catalogues using all the appealing elements of the web: videos, animations, advice, product descriptions and shopping lists. All of this within a multichannel client experience that’s consistent on all screen types.

The Auchan catalogues, which our technology automatically created based on data flows, allow users to instantly rebuild each catalogue so they can create what works for them.

BEEBUZZINESS has made sure to offer an optimal experience at work and at home by using a mobile-first approach in design and development. In addition, regular user tests and short 3 week iterations enable us to quickly identify and correct any issues that may arise.

In the interface design, we’ve taken great care to make the user experience easier for the mass market by making sure we offer all functionalities demanded by the client without crowding the interface and losing the end user.

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BPIfrance Le Lab – L’Observatoire des PME


Each year, l’Observatoire des PME publishes a data report on SMEs for politicians and economists.

The digital version of this BEEVIRTUA© document can be read and used like the print version (add notes, bookmark) while offering all the benefits of digital technology (search, internal and external links, videos, animations, download of additional content, etc.)

In order to reduce the financial and environmental costs of printing, we offer an innovative content selection functionality. Readers can choose to build their own customized version of the document by keeping only the chapters they’re interested in and ask for the paper rematerialization of their abridged version.

With the BEEBUZZINESS technology, l’Observatoire des PME can also regularly update the content while still making sure readers can view previous versions of the report.

We have also provided BPIFrance / L’Observatoire des PME a BEEVIRTUA LIBRARY©, so they can distribute all their content intuitively and securely.

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