What does BEEBUZZINESS do?

We offer the only universal cloud platform for media distribution dedicated to client engagement, control over data, and cost savings.



If data is the oil of the 21st century, then companies need to make storing and enriching it a priority.

The BEEVIRTUA CPOS platform is the secure, central point for managing and distributing your content. It’s the universal tool for your brand content management and a social room that’s fully connected to the social spaces you’ve already created.

You take back control of your media’s publication, dissemination, use and enrichment. And it lets you rematerialize your content,
so you can make sure you endure in aphygital world.

With BEEVIRTUA CPOS, you maintain full control over your data and have the core elements of Kindle Library, iBooks, Google docs,
YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Analytics… while continuing to interact with them independently.

BEEVIRTUA CPOS is an endless source of savings, and opens up the world of ultrapersonalized, one-to-one marketing..
It helps you engage your customers and your partners by constantly enriching your data with the data collected through uses in an unlimited, open model.
You have complete freedom and control, and guaranteed ROI.



With the BEEVIRTUA CPOS platform:

+ Boost the power of your content 
Engagement: Personalization, interactivity, emotions, mobility, UX

+ Have control over your content and data 
Control: Sovereignty, control, obsolescence, independence from GAFAM

+ Lower your distribution costs 
Costs: All channels, any device, zero stock rematerialization, interoperability


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