How to turn every (unknown) in-store visitor into a regular customer?

What's worse than a visitor who comes into your store and comes out without you knowing who he is or what might interest him? In the best case, he may finalize his order on your website, but could as well finalize it on one of the many online market place ... And finally never become your customer.

Our solution

Ubstream allows you to establish a privileged relation with your visitors for the identification of their centers of interest, the sharing of your products and contents. Ubstream offers a direct and innovative buying experience, promoting persistence and attachment with the brand, from discovery to purchase. Thanks to multiple in-store & out-store linking solutions, without any application download, your visitors can easily find their selection and can benefit from personalized advice from your advisors: they naturally complete their purchases in the nearest shop or directly on your website.


  • Unique and innovative in-store experience

  • Creating highly qualified leads

  • New sales opportunities via a persistent out-store channel

  • Increase in the brand's exposure and the virality of its offers