What customer experience do you really deliver?

The waiting period between the act of purchase and the delivery is often experienced as frustration by the customers. Indeed, who has never been impatient to be able to take full possession of a good or to be able to share his fervor in a concrete and distinctive way with his relatives?

Our solution

Thanks to Ubstream, you can take advantage of this expectation by delivering a rich and seamless customer experience from day one. Without an application download, your customers immediately have a secure space, integrated into your digital ecosystem and in which you provide them personalized content, enriched and always up to date.


  • An upscale experience that lives up to the promise of your product

  • A capital enhancement sympathy for your brand, and the associated virality

  • A new 360 ° relational channel with no application download

  • New opportunities thanks to the proximity between the brand and your customers